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Texas Road Kill Candles....yes, you read it right.

  These candles may look a little unusual with all the green, white, and brown chunks inside, but they do smell good.  In fact, our top seller is the "Essence of Cowhide" which is a wonderful leather scent.  The label on each of the candles has fun sayings that will surely bring a grin to your face. 

And don't you worry - each of our Road Kill candles is made from the finest ingredients we could find....that day!  Better than that, no live animals were used in the production of this product.

 Ingredients:  Well, I got a lot of stuff in this here jar.  Before you light it, just make sure nothins a movin inside.  If it is, you might auto step away from the thang. 

Have a little fun with your friends with these candles. 

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